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Islamic Charities Worth Donating To

These modern days are strange and complicated for all religions, and Muslims are no exception. With modernity coming to the Islamic world at a breakneck pace and Muslims in the industrialized world occupying something of a precarious position in their adopted countries, many complex matters are facing Muslims around the world today. With this in mind, it behooves Muslims across the world to be more generous to each other and their neighbors in these uncertain times, as giving help today will result in getting help tomorrow. Most Muslims already provide funds to charitable organizations as part of their zakat devotions. Still, with scandals involving everything from low-end embezzlement to supporting violent militants, it can be hard for any Muslim to choose a place to send their zakat donations. Sometimes giving close to home is a good idea; whether it’s buying healthy food for a local food bank, sending your money to a local hospital or just funding a friend’s Hajj when they otherwise couldn’t afford it are all good uses of Zakat. However, some Muslims prefer to use their zakat funds to further more large-scale movements, ranging from national campaigns against discrimination to sending necessary vaccines to people in the poverty-stricken regions of Islamic majority countries around the world. Here then are some Islamic charities for your considerations.

Muslim Aid is a global charitable organization, based in the United Kingdom but with programs stretching out across the world, with a particular focus on Islamic majority countries. With the current refugee crisis in Syria, they are putting special emphasis on the refugees from the conflict, providing them with essential supplies trying to ease the suffering, whether the refugees have come to Jordan and Lebanon or have made their way closer to home in Europe. The group also funds an orphanage in Turkey dedicated to sheltering orphans of the Syrian conflict and helps them integrate into Turkish life. Other programs include funding wells for clean drinking water in the developing world and supporting community development in general in the United Kingdom. They have also begun a campaign pushing to further the understanding and hopefully the eventual easing of the damaged caused by climate change across the world. Muslim Aid also provides micro-financing to small businesses in parts of the Islamic world ravaged by war and disasters, such as Bangladesh, Bosnia, and Indonesia. The recent large scale flooding in the United Kingdom has also drawn their attention.

Islamic Relief USA is a group based out of the United States, with locations in seven states. Dedicated to providing relief and development across the world, the group has many great projects going at any one moment. One perpetual project is their Qurbani project, wherein they take donations and use them to buy Qurbani meat in accordance with the guidelines laid down by the Qur’an and send it to people in Islamic majority countries who would otherwise not be able to get a Qurbani donation, sometimes even being the only meat they get all year. Another long-term project of theirs is improving access to clean water for those people in far out regions where getting clean water can be difficult due to environmental hazards, pollution or conflict. The recent water crisis close to their home in Flint has seen this effort being done domestically. In a similar vein, the group also supports the improvement of sanitation systems across the world. The ground also works to prepare people across the world, mainly refugees from the conflict in Syria, with protection from the elements in the winter season as the conflict in their homeland drags on.

You can donate your qurbani all year round or during eid al adha.

Other Islamic charitable organizations in the United States include A Grain of Hope, which is dedicated to fostering relations between Muslims and other faiths, initially with a program of funding school supplies for educators who would otherwise be able to afford that has since branched out into other areas. Another group is Afghan American Muslim Outreach, an organization dedicated to social activism and strengthening Afghan American Muslims in a country that, by and large, does not think too highly of them. These are, however, only two of the small Islamic charities that can be found across the world.

Of course, even with all of these excellent Islamic charities, the United Muslim Relief is slowly surely beginning to create a name for itself by doing some fantastic work. So while any or all of these charities are fantastic, and you should give your time and money to these charities, one of the best in the modern world may be the United Muslim Relief. So make sure to look them up, as well!

Orphan Care Organizations

Orphan-Care-BW-570x200Mostly privately owned or self-initiated projects, orphan care organization have become the backbone of the society as it supports what most people ignore. Day in day out children lose their parent to fatalities such as road accidents, crashes, natural calamities and the incurable diseases. Many find themselves under the care of negligent relatives and hostile guardians where they are not given the affection accorded by the real parent. It’s with this regard that orphan care steps in to fit the parent shoe.

Most of these organizations are located in areas affected by the fatalities mentioned earlier. For instance in Africa, most orphan care organizations step in to help children whose parents have succumbed to famine and incessant warfare. In other countries such as the Afghanistan and Iran, most children find themselves in orphanages due to results of wars. Orphan care organizations, therefore, come in handy in ensuring the growth of the kid in all perspectives.

These organizations have various duties to serve concerning the child. First they have to provide the very basic needs of human existence i.e. food, shelter and clothing. They move a step further to ensure the health status of every child is fit. Children’s homes extend to assist the children in getting an education in every required level, starting from primary to tertiary education. In other instances, these children also hope to provide aid to special children whose parents don’t have the capability and expertise of maintaining him/her. The spiritual maturity of every child is also the responsibility of these organizations.

Orphan care organizations are of various nature and administration. Some are state funded; others are owned by non-governmental organization and others privately belonging to philanthropic individuals. All in all, all these organizations have a management and dynamic protocol that overlooks the financial part, child welfare, education, procurement and practically every sector of the society. Other services include following up the adoption procedures to parent wishing to get children from these groups. They follow up all the legal provisions on the same and accord the services.

In conclusion, orphan care organizations have the special responsibility of making a bad human into a prominent figure in the society. It has been witnessed that some well to do public figures trace their success to these homes i.e. Maya Angelou. Therefore, let it be known that all human being deserve a home regardless of the state, and supporting the orphan care organizations is one step in upholding humanity.

Dental Relief Organizations – What You Should Know

The availability of quaDental Relief Organizationslity dental care is something that many of us take for granted in the modern Western world, but this certainly isn’t the case in many parts of the world. With this in mind, dental relief organizations strive to offer these vital services to people in other countries who are less fortunate than those who live in the West.

In this guide, we’re going to highlight some of the key aims shared by most dental relief organizations, so you’ll soon understand the importance of the work they perform tirelessly every day. With this in mind, let’s take a closer look.

First of all, these organizations are primarily fueled by hard-working volunteers who are willing to give up their time to share their expertise. Regardless of whether a volunteer is a skilled dentist, or simply someone with a passion for helping others, there’s always room for someone who wants to make a difference in a deprived community. Of course, the people who volunteer to help these organizations aren’t necessarily medical professionals, either.

In many cases, the people who are giving up their time are students, public officials, attorneys, entrepreneurs and more. Ultimately, there’s no ‘specific skill’ required to help these organizations, other than a keen work ethic and to help people in need. For people who aren’t in a position to offer their time, then a generous donation is always welcome – and these donations are a huge aspect of keeping the dental relief organization running smoothly.

Most of the work will occur in host countries in the developing world, with a significant focus on the most deprived areas of Africa, Asia, and Central America. For dentists, the work you’ll be performing isn’t too different from a regular day at the office – although some of the facilities won’t be the same. In general, the work will involve extractions, restorations, and some opportunity for teaching.

Hygienists and dental assistants are also in high demand, and they’ll often be many opportunities to educate people about the importance of good dental care – as well as providing real life demonstrations of good dental hygiene practice.

General volunteers can expect to fulfill an enjoyable and diverse range of roles – which can include everything from tooth brushing demonstrations, comforting children, or even necessary record keeping and clinic flow. Ultimately, these organizations rely heavily on the willing volunteers who are the lifeblood of the business.

Humanitarian Principles Are All About Accountability & Service

Humanitarian_BannerDadaab_Kenya_Assessment_001-2Humanitarian principles involve thinking about others, treating people humanely and helping the fight against human suffering. There are all kinds of humanitarian principles that people can live by, and there are also principles that govern the humanitarian agencies. The modern code of conduct governing these institutions is still relatively new, being introduced in the mid-1990’s.

What agencies would be considered ‘humanitarian agencies?’ Think about emergency response, and that would mean police officers, firefighters and EMT’s would fall into this category. The American Red Cross is another humanitarian agency.

Humanitarian organizes must be impartial, and that means that religion, race, political affiliation and more must not factor into the assistance that a person receives. Think about what you have seen on the news in the last several months about racial tensions in certain metropolitan cities between the citizens and police officers.

Just today, Spike Lee and Jada Pinkett Smith said they are boycotting the Academy Awards ceremony coming up because of the complete lack of diversity regarding Oscar nominations. There were no African-American nominees this year, and that is the second year in a row.

As mentioned, humanitarian principles aren’t just about the response of emergency personnel and organizations that provide aid to people. Humanitarian principles are supposed to be guidelines for how people treat each other in general.

According to certain sources, the lines are being blurred in this day and age regarding which organizations are classified as humanitarian. Many humanitarian agencies are governmental, but there are plenty of them that are non-governmental, too. Even the governmental humanitarian agencies have to have their independent policies.

However, there is government money involved, and so it is said that it’s difficult for some of these humanitarian organizations to separate themselves from the government. Would you think that the military is a humanitarian agency? They are not, although they do carry out many duties that would align with humanitarian principles and actions.

One other major humanitarian policy is neutrality. This is all about making sure humanitarian organizations never take sides. They are about helping people, and so taking sides isn’t an option. As you can see, this would be a conflict for the military. Another conflict for the military being called a humanitarian organization would be the fact that they are associated with the government. The aid that the humanitarian organizations provide is supposed only to be about need, without prejudice or any other provisions.